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Students At Morgan State University Partner With The American Red Cross For Blood Drive

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Students on the campus of Morgan State University are working with the American Red Cross to raise awareness for blood donations needed for people who suffer from Sickle Cell Anemia.

WJZ has also partnered with the Red Cross to shed light on the critical need for blood donors in the African American community.

Fifty first-time blood donors donated on the campus of Morgan State University on Wednesday.

“I know there is a shortage of blood donations, and, so, I thought that if I was eligible, then I should participate,” Morgan State University student Audrey Tchoufi said.

The drive, put on by the American Red Cross, was a part of the organization’s fight to get more African Americans to donate blood that could be helpful for people with sickle cell disease.

Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder that primarily impacts African Americans. Those with sickle cell could need numerous blood transfusions throughout their lives to treat their disease.

“You never know what impact you can have on other people’s lives and stuff like that, so it’s always good to try and do the right thing for other people,” Morgan State University student Kory Hayes said.

During the blood drive, the American Red Cross also recognized Morgan State University for winning the organization’s HBCU 16 Day Challenge. Students at colleges across the country were asked to spread the word about the need for sickle cell blood donors over the summer. Morgan State came in first place.

“One in 13 black and African Americans carry the sickle cell trait, and many are unaware,” American Red Cross Regional Diversity Account Manager Meosha Hudson said. “So, the challenge was an opportunity to shed light on that disparity, to shed light on the need to do something about it and to activate the HBCU community to really lead the country on making sure those patients are not forgotten.”

Homeopathic therapies like massage and aromatherapy can comfort patients, but there is no cure for sickle cell.

Back in July, WJZ first told you about The Bobbi Engram Foundation who has also partnered with the Red Cross to raise awareness about the disease.

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