UGX 35,000,000
2008 Toyota Premio

Posted 9 months ago

UGX 35,000,000
2008 Toyota Premio

Posted 9 months ago


2008 Toyota Premio for Sale in Uganda


Low Priced 2008 Toyota Premio used car for sale in Uganda. Find an affordable Toyota Premio car for Sale in Uganda with the best Japanese used car dealer in Kampala.


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The Toyota Premio Toyota Puremio and its twin the Toyota Allion Toyota Arion are sedans sold in Japan from 2001 to 2021 by Toyota. The sedans are designated as a compact car by Japanese dimension regulations and the exterior dimensions do not change with periodic updates.


The Premio is the successor of the Corona which first appeared in 1957. The Corona EXiV, a four-door hardtop sedan that appeared in 1989, was replaced by the Progress, which was also briefly available with the Premio until 2007.


The Allion replaced the Carina, a model that first appeared in 1970. The Carina ED, a four-door hardtop sedan that appeared in 1985, was replaced by the Brevis, which was briefly available with the Allion until 2007. Unlike Toyota's other vehicles, the Premio and Allion are not exported, and are exclusively sold in Japan only.


Both cars are related to the Avensis, which is an imported five-door lift-back from Europe, available at all Japanese dealership locations. The Camry, which is the largest car exclusive to Toyota Corolla Store locations, is slightly larger, and based on appearance packages, offers the same luxury or performance features found in the Premio or Allion. The name "Premio" is a play on words for "premium", while "Allion" is created based on the phrase "all-in-one".


Appearance modification options made for the first generation Allion are not made or marketed for the Premio. The second generation cars share the interior appearances and optional equipment, with exterior visual differences. Three options packages are offered with the three different engines offered, coupled with the choice of front- or four-wheel drive, thereby giving Japanese buyers options as to which annual road tax obligation they are willing to pay.


1.5 L 1NZ-FE I4

1.8 L 1ZZ-FE I4

2.0 L 1AZ-FSE I4

An emphasis towards younger buyers . The Premio and Allion share the same engines and interior. The Allion can be spaced with front spoilers and rear mounted trunk wings, as well as ground effect body parts to enhance the vehicles appearance which are specially designed and sold by Toyota. The Allion also features rear tilting seats (similar to front seats). The Allion continues the Toyota tradition by being made in taxi usage, driving school and law enforcement versions.

On 20 December 2004, the Premio received a modest restyle with the introduction of LED taillights. The Allion also received an update at the same time.

Both cars were offered with three engine sizes; 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.0-liter. The 2.0-liter model received a CVT; the smaller engines were each fitted with a four-speed torque converter automatic transmission.

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    2008 Toyota Premio
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