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You can relax as our tax experts take care of all your tax issues. Tax services currently offered include TIN (Tax Identification Number) registration, fixed Asset registration, tax returns and online tax estimations on imported goods. Current asset registrations are offered on Motor Vehicles, Electronics. Seal Group offers tax services in a modern, accountable and transparent manner using the online platform availed by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA).

Reformer Used Cars Limited has streamlined the car buying process through value added services related to car import, clearance and taxation in Uganda. Access professional same day tax services related to car aquisition from under one roof. Our express tax services include TIN Registration, Motor Vehicle Transfer and New Motor Vehicle Registration.


Express Tax Registration Services 


Assistance with express registration of your TIN (Tax Identification Number) required by URA (Uganda Revenue Authority) to conduct any business in the country. Our tax consultants will advise you on requirements, the duration of the process as well as the importance and benefits of your TIN. While the TIN registration process can take between 3 and 30 days depending on what part of the country you live in, Reformer Used Cars Limited Tax experts will endeavour to submit your application and apply our in-house same day express processing procedure to save you time. A TIN is a unique ten-digit identifying number allocated by the Uganda ​Revenue Authority to prospective Taxpayers to enable them to meet their tax obligations. A Tax Identification Number (TIN) has  benefits beyond paying taxes. The application is usually accompanied by the required identification documents such as National ID for individuals and Certificate of Incorporation for companies. Please note that a TIN is issued free of charge, with applicable feed being for brokerage services offered.


Motor Vehicle Registrations/Transfer 


Get the best assistance with transfer of ownership of your vehicles in time to avoid being penalised by URA. Our tax experts will advise and assist you with whole digital process wich is conducted online on the URA web portal. The standard fees (excluding Seal agent commisions) for transferring a motor vehicle are Shs 104,000 for commercial vehicles, 84,000 for private vehicles and Shs 74,000 for motorcycles. This money is payable in banks. URA partners with several commercial banks across the country. Most motor venhicle transfers at Reformer Used Cars Limited are completed in less than four days if all the required documents are submitted. However, like with TIN registratiion mentioned above, Seal Group Tax experts will endeavour to submit your application and apply our in-house same day express processing procedure to save you time.


New Vehicle Registration Services


Once your import a vehicle through  Reformer Used Cars Limited, our clearing agents shall proceed with the clearance and first-time registration procedures online at the URA portal (www.ura.go.ug). Please note that only approved URA clearance agents have unique login identifications (numbers) which will enable them to do this online.

Upon fulfillment of necessary requirements online by our agent, the URA system generates a unique acknowledgement number which is copied and sent to the client who in this case the owner of the vehicle being registered.The acknowledgement number is used to track the vehicle registration task until it is approved. When registration application is approved, an auto generated electronic mail is sent to the email address specified for the agent with a copy to the associated company, organization, individual or owner.

This will enable both the clearing agent and the motor vehicle owners know the status of a cars registration. After subsequent stages, the process is completed in less than 24 hours subject to all documents being in proper order. Thereafter, a registration book and a number are issued.


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